The Basics

Responsible consumerism, also known as ethical consumerism, revolves around choosing goods that are ethically sourced, ethically made and ethically distributed. The goal is to consume in a way that is more environmentally friendly but also considers the social and economic impacts of consumption. Ultimately, “responsible consumerism” is defined by different people in different ways. We all have different ethics and our emphasis on values differs from person to person, just try to be responsible and look beyond the price of goods.

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Why is it important?

The fast fashion industry has gripped the world with its promise of low prices and never ending trends, and the convenience and accessibility that follow with that. Responsible consumerism is important because the current mode of consumption is completely unsustainable. Beyond the environmental aspect, the impact of fast fashion on garment workers has been severe although this has already shifted towards a better place since consumers advocated for better conditions in garment factories. 

Education first.

For the fashion industry to change, the key is educating consumers. It is the only way to help them become more responsible. In the past, companies dominated the narrative but finally they are listening. Even today, more and more conscious companies (like us) enter the market and help to re-shift the entire mindset behind fashion. This will only continue as demand for ethical brands in the fashion industry grows larger and larger.

Slow fashion as a stepping stone to a sustainable garment industry

The concept of slow fashion is nothing new, but what is new is the idea that slow fashion can help ease us into a more sustainable and circular fashion industry. It is essentially a movement intended to slow down the consumption of textiles, by having consumers craft a relationship with the clothing they buy. A common model for these companies is the made-to-order model. In this model, goods are only produced in accordance with actual sales, thus eliminating excess production waste.

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feat.LIFE & feat.MASK now made-to-order

We are proud to announce the steps we are taking to make responsible consumption easier for you. As the saying goes: it takes two to tango, which means brands and companies cannot leave everything to the consumer.

Our feat.LIFE athleisure wear collection, designed with sustainability in mind, is now made-to-wear. In addition to this, our feat.MASK reusable mask, which is our answer to a now essential item in your life, is switching to made-to-wear as well! Both of these products will only be produced based on actual sales, and as they have been designed with sustainability in mind, they are now even better for the planet.

Join us in a new chapter of feat.FASHION.

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