What is Lotus Silk

What is Lotus Silk?

How is it made?

Lotus silk is a rare, vegan fabric produced in small scales due to the skill and time required to source these delicate plant-based fibers. Sticky fibers are extracted by hand from the stem of lotus flowers, rolled together and dried. Once woven, it is durable and soft to touch, unlike any other fabric. As a vegan alternative to regular silk made from silkworms, it is purely plant-based and kind on our planet & animals.  

Watch how it is made in the video by Business Insider.


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Lotus Silk Scrunchies

Lotus Silk Scrunchies

Discover our new product range of hair accessories made from 100% organic lotus silk and recycled elastic! This is not your ordinary scrunchie, it’s the ideal hair tie – soft yet strong, taking you through the whole day comfortably. Coming in two colours & two sizes, you can choose your look for the day! Explore the range below:

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