Unique Reversible Lotus Silk Hair Band (Grey & Navy)

Luxurious and eco-friendly fabric, silky smooth | Reversible and multi-use hairband
Material: 100% organic lotus silk (vegan silk), natural dyes

Colour: Sea (Navy / Grey)


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Lotus Silk Grey & Navy Silk Hair Band

Our feat.HAIR Lotus Silk Hair Band is made from 100% organic lotus silk*. Whether its keeping your hair out of your face while getting ready or unready or just simply for a cute hair style. It is eco-friendly, super soft and lightweight. This material is sourced from the stem of lotus flowers and is a plant-based, vegan alternative to regular silk. Sticky fibers are extracted by hand from the stem of lotus flowers, rolled together, dried and woven – it is truly one of a kind and eco-friendly!

You can style our feat.HAIR Lotus Silk Hair Band in multiple ways and it makes for an effortless hairdo you’ll love. Twist it in a turban knot, tie a bow, use one colour or both! The possibilities are endless! The soft wire inside allows you to shape the Lotus Silk Hair Band to your liking and the complementary reversible colours give you all the choice to match your outfits 

  • Grey & Navy Silk Hair Band
  • 100% plant-based & vegan*
  • Smooth & soft
  • Gentle on your hair, yet stays in place 
  • Malleable soft wire inside on both edges
  • Fits all head shapes 
  • Lightweight & reversible 
  • Natural dyes
  • Endless styling options! 

We use natural dyes for our feat.HAIR Lotus Silk Collection, which are free of any harsh chemicals, and that’s why we recommend to gently hand wash & dry your Lotus Silk Hair Band separately.  

*Shell fabric

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Note: Due to the natural dyes used, slight variances in colour may occur.

Deep (Navy), Smoke (Grey)

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