Lotus Silk Hair Scrunchie Combo Sea (Grey & Navy)

Smooth & soft | non-slip, strong hold, all day wear, gentle on your hair!

Material: 100% organic lotus silk (vegan silk), natural dyes

Colour: Sea (Navy & Grey)


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Medium Lotus Silk Scrunchie Set in Colour Combo Sea (Navy & Grey)

Our feat.HAIR Medium Lotus Silk Hair Scrunchie Combo is made from 100% organic lotus silk*. This material is sourced from the stem of lotus flowers and is a plant-based, vegan alternative to regular silk. Sticky fibers are extracted by hand from the stem of lotus flowers, rolled together, dried and woven – they’re truly one of a kind and eco-friendly! 

These aren’t your ordinary scrunchies, they’re the ideal hair ties – soft yet strong, taking you through the whole day comfortably. Coming in two colours (Grey & Navy), you can choose your look for the day. 

  • 1 Medium Navy Scrunchie & 1 Medium Grey Scrunchie Combo
  • 100% plant-based & vegan*
  • Smooth & soft
  • Non-slip, all day wear
  • 1cm wide recycled elastic band
  • Gentle on your hair, yet strong hold 
  • Natural dyes 

We use natural dyes for our feat.HAIR Lotus Silk Collection, which are free of any harsh chemicals, and that’s why we recommend to gently hand wash & dry your Lotus Silk Scrunchies separately. 

*Shell fabric

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Note: Due to the natural dyes used, slight variances in colour may occur.



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