3-Layered Filter (1 week)

Filter Material:

Exterior spunbond nonwoven fabric, effectively bacteria-filtering melt-blown nonwoven fabric, and interior spunbond nonwoven fabric.

Product features:

This filter has a 3D structure to ensure adequate breathing space and a perfect fit, offering all-round protection.


To avoid contamination, do not touch the exterior of the mask when replacing the filter.


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This replaceable mask filter is made with a 3D structure for extra comfort. Filters can be bought separately and are available in monthly packs.


The mask consists out of 3 layers for higher protection:

Layer 1: spunbond nonwoven fabric, which filters out large particulate matter and guards against droplets​

Layer 2: extra thick melt-blown nonwoven fabric, which filters out fine particulate matter and bacteria​

Layer 3: spunbond nonwoven fabric, which absorbs moisture and filters out fine particulate matter​

PFE 95% BFE 98%


How do I insert the filter?

Step 1: sanitise your hands

Step 2: remove the wrapper and place the filter into your feat.MASK. Make sure the adhesive stripes face the mask​

Step 3: lightly press to ensure proper adhesion

Tip: use the sticky side inside the packaging to open the filter before placing it into your feat.MASK


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