Meet our feat.HAIR Lotus Collection, a luxurious and eco-friendly hair accessories collection. From scrunchies to hair bands, our lotus silk collection is all you need to level up your hair game! Made from organic lotus silk, they are truly one of a kind.


Lotus silk is known to be a plant-based, vegan alternative to conventional silk. It is a rare, vegan fabric produced in small scales due to the skill and time required to source these plant-based fibers. Sticky fibers are extracted by hand from the stem of lotus flowers, rolled together and dried. Once woven, lotus silk is durable and soft to touch, unlike any other fabric.

Conventional silk fabric is made from the fibers that is spun by silkworms when they form the cocoons for their pupal stage prior to becoming moths. In order to harvest silk, silkworms are killed. These processes make the cocoon easier to unwind in a single, unbroken filament that can be woven into silk thread. But when you dip the cocoon in boiling water or bake it with hot air, you’re killing the pupa inside. While some methods of silk production do not require the creatures to die, it’s still considered a form of animal exploitation.*
Click here* for more information on silk production and why silk is considered an animal byproduct.

How Lotus Silk is Made

Lotus Scrunchies Hand Draw 01

Lotus Flowers

Lotus Scrunchies Hand Draw 02

Open Stem Reveals Fibers

Lotus Scrunchies Hand Draw 03

Fibers Rolled Together by hand

Learn more about Lotus Silk production here

Lotus Collection FEATURES

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