why you should wear a mask and why fabric masks are the responsible choice

feat.MASK – Why you should wear masks and why fabric masks are the responsible choice?

Mask should be a new essential for everyone these days and if worn by the wide public they can help to slow down the spread of the Corona Virus.


No mask on the market can guarantee that you will not breathe in SARS-CoV2. But you should wear masks anyway and this is why:


Virus particle size ranges from 0.1 to 0.3 microns so most fabric masks cannot filter the virus from the air. But the coronavirus particles travel within droplets and these droplets are much bigger than the virus itself. Studies have shown that fabric masks are an effective protection because they reduce the number of droplets we emit into our environment. Therefore, wear a mask and protect yourself and the people around you. N95 masks or surgical mask may offer a greater protection but fabric mask will protect you too and cause less harm to the planet.


With millions of single-use masks being worldwide discarded every day we have to consider the environmental impact of single-use masks! Single-use masks are plastic based and liquid resistant and have a long afterlife after they have been discarded. Millions of masks end up already now in the landfills and in our oceans. Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene and polyester are some common materials that are used for the manufacturing of single-use masks and can be considered single-use plastic. While the industry can recycle some plastics like e.g. plastic bottles, single-use masks are not being recycled. These materials are problematic because very often they not only use different types of plastics in one product but they also mix different materials that cannot be separated in the recycling process. Think only of the tiny metal band inside the single-use mask to make sure the mask sits properly on the nose.


Wearing fabric masks is a sustainable alternative where you are NOT contributing to the large amounts of waste caused by single-use masks. The feat.MASK is not only a good alternative that offers you protection against droplets, the feat.MASK is the sustainable choice. All materials that are used for the mask and the packaging are certified eco-friendly and will have less environmental impact than single-use masks.


*featured image from OceansAsia
OceanAsia: http://oceansasia.org/

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See our feat.MASK

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