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feat.MASK – Why A Reusable Fabric Mask Is Better For Us All

As masks become imperative to our daily life, one must ask themselves about their long-term use. With safety being the top concern, a reusable fabric mask offers a sustainable and functional alternative.

In an article by SCMP Young Post, NGO Oceans Asia estimated 12 to 15 million single-use face masks are disposed of every day in Hong Kong, creating a surge of contaminated waste in our environment; from our beautiful beaches to our scenic hiking trails. Utilizing a reusable fabric mask eliminates the mass amounts of waste from our environment and allows you to effectively stay safe (and stylish) in a sustainable manner.

In fact, the World Health Organization recommends that the general public wear fabric masks, maintain physical distancing and clean hands regularly in order to suppress the transmission of COVID-19. This way, the global supply of medical masks are reserved for medical professionals and those in a risk group. The WHO states that “fabric masks should be secured with elastic loops or ties, include multiple layers, be washable and reusable”; all of which are features of the feat.MASK.

Elastic loops:

The feat.MASK can be secured with the elastic ear loops and our signature stopper made from eco-friendly and biodegradable TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane). The unique design prohibits the stopper from sliding off the ear loop, ensuring a comfortable, functional fit.

Multiple layers:

The seamless feat.MASK is constructed of 2 layers of tightly-knitted, functional and highly-breathable yarn using 3D technology. It made of 72% sustainable viscose and 28% polyester, which is soft on delicate skin and absorbs moisture. The viscose yarns we use are made of pulp from renewable resource wood that are sustainably sourced from certified vendors. Furthermore, the manufacturing of our viscose fibers generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact in comparison to generic viscose.


The feat.MASK can be washed at 30˚C in the washing machine using our free sustainable washing bag made from 100% recycled polyester. What’s more, you can even wash it together with your regular laundry load; easy! For drying, the feat.MASK can be placed in the tumble dryer on low heat or line dried ready for your next wear.


The feat.MASK is reusable and reversible. That means for every subsequent wear, you have a new design with the same mask, all while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Ultimately, reusable fabric masks effectively keep you and those around you safe, while having sustainability in mind by creating less wastage and reserving medical masks for those who need them. At feat.FASHION, we take it one step further and use sustainable materials in our products as well as our packaging so that you can truly consume sustainably without compromising on functionality.  

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