how to insert the filter

feat.MASK – How to insert the filter?

Nowadays, face masks have become a part of your daily life and are as essential as your phone and keys.
The feat.MASK is considered a community mask and gives you and the people around you protection against particulate matter like droplets.  Additional anti-bacterial treatment of the yarns, keep bacteria from flourishing inside the yarn.
If you want more protection, you could insert the 3-layered filter, available in monthly packs in our online shop. 

We have included 7 filter in your feat.MASK starter pack. 

When you want to insert the filter, the first step is to sanitise your hands: be sure your hands are clean before you touch the filter and your feat.MASK!
After that, carefully remove the wrapper and place the filter in your feat.MASK
Make sure the adhesive stripes face the mask and lightly press the filter to ensure proper adhesion.
The sticky sides inside the packaging can be used to easily open the filter before you place it in your feat.MASK.
Please watch above video how to insert the filter in our feat.MASK Zion

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