feat.FASHION wishes you a wonderful Lunar New Year! 恭喜發財 🐯

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When New Year’s Eve is already over, the first good
resolutions go down the drain again and somehow everything continues as before,
then many people still have their most important traditional festival ahead of
them – Chinese New Year!

For the Chinese, the New Year is ushered in with the most
important celebration for families: the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year –
that’s how the Chinese New Year is also called. Instead of an evening with wax
pouring, Dinner For One and Co. it means for Chinese long preparation and then
traditionally 15 days of customs, festive meals, and a conclusion with the
enchanting Lantern Festival. But it has one thing in common with New Year’s Eve
as we know it: Fireworks!

But not only China celebrates this spring festival! It is
also celebrated in Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea and other countries – that makes
about 20% of the entire world population!

New Year’s Day moves back about 11 days every year. Since
the Chinese New Year can begin however at the earliest on 21.01., sometimes
also a leap month is pushed in between and the celebration shifts around 19

According to popular belief, the festival and the omens that
appear during it determine how the coming year will go. Symbols play a major
role in this, including food. Sweet food and fish, for example, stand for good
luck in the new year. 

We hope you enjoy the festivities ahead and wish you all the best in the Year of the Tiger! 

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